We Marana Rotarians like to say that we’re “small but mighty.” It certainly has a better ring to it than “small but remarkably persistent.” At any rate, here we are again on a bright, beautiful Tuesday morning! President Mary Straus opened today’s meeting, followed by the inaugural vocal rendition of “the 4-way test” from the recent PETS conference. This effort was led by Randy Brooks, who was joined by Mary and Jo Holt. Several folks commented that perhaps if we kept practicing every week, our performance might improve. Hmmm.
We welcomed a guest and two prospective members! Rotarian Dan Stringham from the Rotary Club of Tucson Sunrise let us know about their upcoming event, “Night of Nostalgia” at 6:30pm on Fri Apr 15 at the Bates Museum. Proceeds benefit Higher Ground, a resource center for at-risk youth. Our other visitors were prospective members Denise West and Mark Murray. Welcome!!
Randy shared with us that the basketball pool had raised about $380, half of which will go to the Club Foundation. He also collected close to $40 at his last singing gig, so he threw that in the pot as well. This kind of consistent fundraising is very effective. Thank you Mr. Brooks!
ALL HANDS ON DECK for the Tour de Cookie! This is a big event and everyone’s help will be needed. Check out the website at www.rotarytourdecookie.org.
Calendar Update: 
Mon Mar 28 2016
Retreat at Mary’s house at 5:30 – 8:30pm to discuss goals, especially those relevant to the Presidential Citation for 2016-2017. A light dinner will be served.
Tues Mar 29 2016
Our Club’s 5th Tuesday social at Taste of Texas, 5:30 – 7pm. Hats & spurs optional, chaps required.
Sat Apr 9 2016
Tour de Cookie! It’s getting closer! Get your cookie on!
And on the same day of the Tour de Cookie is District Officer Training in Tucson for Secretaries and Treasurers. Info can be found on the District 5500 website.
Breaking News:
Every time there are 5 Tuesdays in a month we take the 5th Tuesday off! Instead of a morning meeting, we have an evening social, and March 2016 provides just such an opportunity. So put a note in your calendars: no morning meeting Tues Mar 29. Instead, let’s get together at Taste of Texas at 5:30pm to socialize. We thank Harold Burtzloff for organizing this event. See you there!
Strange But True: Happy Bucks
We learned that a friend of Sulee was (past tense) married to a college friend of John Dooling’s. Small world. The conversation didn’t end there, but the Secretary tries to adhere to a certain level of decorum, and so will not describe all that was said there, here.
Guest Speaker:
Our very own John Dooling was absolutely forced, against his own will, to be our speaker today. There was no mention of the many civic duties he has engaged in over the years, or his successful business, or his strong commitment to this Rotary club, or, for that matter, his recipe for squirrel gravy. He instead regaled us with remarkable tales of his youth. In fact, these tales were so remarkable as to be, um, difficult to adequately describe in this space. While his buddies from his football team and/or his baseball team were out carousing and getting into scuffles, John was back at the dorm quietly studying, burning the midnight oil. If you don’t buy that, then suffice it to say that Mr. Dooling has done a great deal of growing up over the years. Fortunately for us, he still retains his sense of humor and certainly a true compassion for his fellow human beings. Well, most of them, anyway. One of the most entertaining talks we've had.