MINUTES 5-9-17
Submitted by Randy Brooks
Pledge and Reflection completed.
Guests: Rob Bishop whom is submitted his application for membership in the next few days.
                Brenda Soto …. Math Teacher, MCAT and Denise Coronado Principal.  The student of the month did not show for his award.
Food Bank tomorrow: Mary, Randy, Don, Denise.  Next month because several of us will be at the international convention the following have agreed to help: Denise, Tony and if he is in town, Peter Mack.
MCAT Graduation is planned for Tuesday 5/23/17, 7:00 PM and all club members are encouraged to attend.  Maeve suggested that those attending consider meeting at Nana’s Kitchen at 5:30 for dinner before proceeding to the Marana Middle School where the event is held.
Mary discussed the presidential citation from Rotary and noted that we appear to be short on the Every Rotarian Every Year category.  Lynne states that she does not make contributions until May so that observation may not be accurate.  Our foundation giving is very good … we are third in the district at giving (per capita) at this time.  Thank you to our club members.
She also noted that at one time (a few years ago) our club was 50% female.  That figure has dropped to 29% at this time.
Mary requested that everyone go to the and sign on as a member if you have not
Denise won the drawing and then promptly lost.  Sorry.
Visit our club website and have a look.  Harold has done a great job on updating the site and Mary has downloaded photographs to compliment his work.  Go to
President Jo Holt will be installed as president June 27, 2017 7 AM during our regular meeting time.  It is asked that your contact Maeve’s assistant to RSVP for the event. President Mary asks that we all attend not only Jo’s installation but attend the meeting on the 20th of June for a special appreciation by Mary of club members and those that have helped her this past year.
Presenter: Bob Bishop …. Bob is a potential member (sponsor Don Jorgensen) whom built the world’s smallest Jet ….. Known by many as the Coors Silver Bullet.  It travels at 320 miles an hour and was a prototype of plane that he has built to see if our national defense systems are adequate to intervene in a missile attack.  He stated we are good at shooting cruise missiles and he works on making sure the USA is not vulnerable to attack by similar missiles.  His team routinely flies (with permission) only a few thousand feet from the White House and Pentagon to test our defense systems. He is an honorary squadron leader at Davis Monthan Air Force Base.  He has been a pilot in air shows and builds very interesting machines.
June 6, 2017 at 7 AM we will meet at his place of business and have a tour.  His address is
Bob Bishop
President CEO
Aerial Productions Intl., Inc.
3865 N Business Center Drive – Suite 101
Tucson, AZ 85705
We will not have a regular meeting that week. The meeting will be held at Bob’s place of business.  What an interesting presentation.