Marana Rotary Club
Weekly Meeting
February 28, 2023
The meeting was a Zoom only business meeting and started at 7AM.  Laura went straight into Happy Bucks with business to follow.
Happy Bucks
Randy started off saying he was happy about nothing inn particular, but happy.  He was looking forward to a week of upcoming travels and looking forward to the Tour de Cookie and said the Human Trafficking Forum was coming together very well
Harold was happily recovering from his knee replacement and finally catching up on things during recovery
Cathy was happy with the warm weather and acknowledged that the ups and downs in the weather have been a challenge for the Farm
Carol was grateful for the support and flowers during the tough times following the passing of her mother and was happy to have her four-legged friend, the dog, on new meds
Mary was happy to have spent some time with friends of over 25 years
Beckie’s daughter had suffered power loss due to the big winds and she enjoyed the resulting sleep over with daughter and grandkids
John was extremely grateful for coffee which proves that God loves us.   AMEN John
Cindy was happy to have returned from a swim meet in Pharr, Texas where grandkids scored many medals
Peter was enjoying the Atacama Desert and shared a photo of two eagles with chicks all nestled very close to where he was standing
Don has been joining two Rotary meetings per day as Governor and reports hearing lots of positive things regarding the Human Trafficking Forum
Dan is wondering if there is a wedding in the future involving his daughter that he has not been told about yet.
Laura is happy and sad because her older sister will be retuning to Colorado after a visit.  Laura also reports that the poppies at Picacho are soon to be in full bloom.
Randy presented a Grant Project in Ukraine where funding is being raised to build and deploy 30 mobile clinics in areas proximal to the front line of the war.   These units, costing $37,500 each, have the advantage of being mobile making them less likely to be destroyed by the Russian aggression.  The total budget is $1.125M and each club is being asked to donate $1,000.   The club enthusiastically embraced the concept of donating, with some suggesting that we donate more.  Randy responded that, as there is such a strong interest, we should keep the amount at $1,000…..for now, and see how the request fills.
Dan reported on the excellent success of the Tour de Cookie.    Registered and paid participants equal 347, to date, and the number could well exceed 400 riders.  Tee shirt demand and wrist bands were discussed.  Beckie confirmed that 11 of the 12 booths have been confirmed.   Long Realty is a new sponsor!  Beckie has some leads to chase down yet, but Mary offered to take the 12th booth if not spoken for.   It was decided that next Tuesday’s meeting be used to stuff backpacks at the Northwest Fire District meeting place.  More logistics will be discussed.
Laura led the closing of the meeting at 8:05AM and the Board meeting was called to order.
Andy Swarthout