Marana Rotary Club
February 22, 2022 weekly meeting
March 19, Packing of Boxes
March 16, Veterans one-stop-shop event, sponsored by the Dove Mtn. Club
The first two meetings in March will be virtual before returning to hybrid
Happy Bucks
Mary- thanks to Bob, Linda, and Peter for attending the Four-way essay contest.
John- “life is good”.  John was especially happy for the article printed in this morning’s newspaper, “best news about our club ever published”
Cindy- was happily working with the outbound orientation for exchange students
Bob was entertaining guests from Oklahoma and thankful for the perfect rodeo weather
Beckie was working hard on the Tour de Cookies event and shared her thoughts about format.  Beckie’s also working on the air museum social event
Laura was also happy about the news article and suggested it be shared on social media
Cathy also shared some ideas including putting the article on Facebook
Dan shared that we have over 200 riders at this point and that using Facebook has been very successful.  Dan needs all the help he can get, the Tour is growing
Denise raised the question of how many cookies
Don reported that the April 30 shredding event was firm.  He also reminded that Carol’s application had been circulated and her induction into the club is set to go.
Bob informed that next week’s speaker will address “How Money Works”, and that Peter will present on March 15
Peter shared that the first images from the space telescope have been received and lamented the fact that a polio outbreak has een reported from Malawi
Laura was happy to have her sister and husband visiting and they journeyed to Gardner Canyon,  A real day off!
Andy was looking forward to a special visit to see rarely seen petroglyphs
MCAT student of the Month
Denise Coronado presented Lillian, the student of the month, surrounded by teachers and family members.  Lilliana just turned 16 and was selected for her leadership.  She was described by her peers as a “student ambassador” .  Lilliana always participates in volunteer events such as sending Valentines to poor families and supporting them during the Thanksgiving and Christmas holidays.  Lilliana wants to go into real estate in Texas someday.