Rotary Club of Marana Meeting
The Meeting began with some wonderful news.  Suelee Edwards submitted her application for membership to our club.  Suelee has been a valued member in years past, and are very pleased she will be joining us again. 
Laura refused to sing the Star Spangled Banner for us, but she did produce a beautiful photo of our American flag to which we pledged our allegiance. 
With no members’ birthdays or anniversaries to celebrate, we dug a little deeper into the community and wished John Michael Straus, Mary’s brother, a happy birthday.
Club Business:
  • As we begin to ready for in-person meetings, there was discussion of our audio-visual system.  We will sell our current screen at Nana’s to Nana’s. Bob has a projector and screen that we can use. 
  • Venue follow-up:  Laura is following-up with YMCA and John is following up on Copper Kettle.
  • The District Conference, on June 4 and 5, will be virtual. 
  • Another Rotary Leadership Institute will take place in April and May.
  • Denise is our latest Paul Harris recipient.  This is her 2nd Paul Harris, and we are grateful for her dedication to TRF.
  • Shout out to Richie for keeping our Facebook account relevant. 
  • Thanks to Randy Brooks for reaching out to former Youth Exchange Students for testimonials.  They will be posted on our website.
  • Fundraiser Paper Shredding and Electronics Recycle date is set for April 17.  The location is almost determined.  Thanks to Don for his diligent work on this event.  Beckie has offered to market the event.
  • We were awarded the District Share the Love Grant for $500.  This grant will contribute to a bench that will be placed in our Peace Garden at Marana Crossroads. 
Happy Bucks:
  • Harold is happy and enjoying life.  He’s had his second vaccine and suffered no side-effects.   
  • Randy is pleased the side-effects from his 2nd vaccine have cleared.
  • Richie also experienced symptoms from his 2nd vaccine.  He was very please, despite the symptoms, that his family closed on a new home.  Congratulations!  John offered his truck but not his muscles.
  • Mary’s starting to see clients in person again and visited with friends for first time in months.
  • Joyce is happily taking care of her parents.
  • Suelee’s husband has been diagnosed and is treating his cancer.  Suelee is pleased that he appears to be a poster child for chemo, with very few side-effects.  Our hearts are with Suelee and her husband.
  • Andrew is happy the sun has visited Oregon, where he’s visiting, for the last 3 days. 
  • Bob is still in Oklahoma, getting his 2nd vaccine this week.  He will be back in Arizona for 2 weeks before he returns again to Virginia.
  • Becky is looking forward to coming out of her cocoon toward the end of the month, after she and her husband have been fully vaccinated.  Becky also remarked on the sad state of the saguaros.  Many of us have never seen them so thirsty. 
  • John is expanding a water catchment area that serves the local wildlife.  He has a camera that has caught quite an impressive parade visiting his watering hole: javelina, bobcats, racoons, coyotes, and, most recently, a fox.
  • Denise is excited that she finally was called to sign up for the vaccine.
  • Laura is excited that her sister and brother-in-law decided to stay an extra week.
  • Dan was a bit he wasn’t able to go to his cabin due to snowfall.  He is very please, however, that he has started a weekly BBQ tradition in the family.  His first BBQ was a hit with only himself and his granddaughter attending.  He shall persevere. 
  • Peter’s eight day project in Flagstaff has extended to 2 weeks and counting.  He’s been getting exercise running up and down scaffolding.  He took a side trip to the Grand Canyon which he really enjoyed.
  • John is pleased he’s getting his second vaccine today.
We had a special treat to close our meeting.  Randy performed for us, as he gets ready for the District Conference.  We are eager to hear more of his beautiful singing and his strumming.  Thank you, Randy.
Submitted by Mary Straus,