Submitted by Randy Brooks, Secretary
Great meeting today: 85% of the members attended and seemed engaged.  Thank you one and all.
Guests: Potential Member Bob Bishop (he will be inducted as a member July 11, 2017).  With Bob was his finance Linda Raman. It was a pleasure meeting her and seeing Bob.
Pledge completed by Tony, Mediation or Thought of the Day provided by Jo Holt.  Song was unique. Maeve played a recording of a song “Hey Good Looking,” and the goal was to guess who in the club was born that year. (Answer: Jo Holt – she is born in 1968) I thought Hank Williams passed by then ….. Strange. She played another song done by Fred Astaire and it coincided with the birth date of Harold.  (How is that possible? Harold is only 48)
Although we have one more Tuesday left in the month this is Mary Straus’ last meeting as president.  The reason? Mary gave President Elect Jo Holt the opportunity to use the meeting next week for Jo and her team to hold her installation during our regular meeting.
Mary asked that we discuss the international conference.  Mary, Jo and Randy provided insight to the event.  Also attending the conference were Don Jorgensen and two of our spouses, Kathy Jorgensen and Deb Hume. Mary and Randy attended the pre-conference regarding Sex and Human Trafficking and found the experience to be amazing.  Jo reported the attendance of about 43,000 Rotarians and friends at the conference. She particularly enjoyed the food court in the House of Friendship where she met people from around the world.  She became aware that we have a “damn good club” compared to many around the world.  She’s right.
The Rotary Club of Marana received tremendous recognition among the participants (80 + countries) for partnering with the Alzheimer’s Research and Prevention Foundation to provide mental health examinations.  We provided 180 assessments and noted, in Randy’s case, about 8% had some degree of cognitive impairment and those individuals were referred to physicians in those their communities for follow-up.
Some of the most helpful sessions were related to peace, sex trafficking, conflict between individuals and clubs and great plenary sessions with Dr. King presenting, Bill Gates, and many others. Basically it was awesome.
Jo raised the question of whether Polio can really ever be eradicated.  Randy as the Assistant Zone Rotary Regional Coordinator for the Rotary Foundation, is researching these observation to find out the most recent scientific studies and beliefs among the stakeholders.  Randy will submit a report upon conclusion of conversations with physicians, scientists, CDC, WHO and others. 
This Sunday is Joe Hentges installation as Governor of D-5500.  It appears that we have enough members attending but not sure about obtaining a table for just us at this late date.
Happy Bucks: Most gave acknowledgement to Mary Straus for her creative and solid leadership; this past year.
Denise thanked those that helped at the Food Bank this past week …. Delivering food for those with less.
Eric stated that his book “Owner’s Compass” was the best seller for several days on Amazon in three categories.  A Huge congratulations to Eric …. Proud of you.
Richie just completed a two week summer camp with the Boy Scouts.
Mary drew and quickly lost in the drawing. 
Mary recognized Peter Mack who received his Paul Harris recognition for both levels 2 and three.  Thank you, Peter. He responded “this money comes back to us for projects.  I tell other charities that my choice for donations is the annual program fund of the Rotary Foundation.” That quote is paraphrased …. But the message was clear.
Mary Farewell Speech:
Mary discussed her year as president and how much it means to her to be involved in our club and district.  On the District 5500 level she discussed, many projects that distinguish us. Further she stated that Dr King suggested that we are all connected as people and how we treat one another is as important as how we treat ourselves. Further she stated that as Dr King suggested we should be ashamed when we die if we have not lived a life of service.
Mary discussed our success with projects and activities this year: Helping disadvantaged youth for MUSD, MCAT, Food Bank, Christmas and Thanksgiving food and gifts for family, Interact, RYLA, Peace Camp in Africa, Shelter box, funds for 3,000 polio vaccines, Alzheimer Prevention screenings, air conditioning for Vietnam Veteran, donated $7,000 + to The Rotary Foundation and  $1,000 + to Polio Plus.
Mary gave a hear felt thank you to board members, Joe Holt, Tony Hunter Maeve, Harold, Lynne and Randy
Mary thanked the club for this experience made her a better speaker, leader and Rotarian.
We sang “For she’s a jolly Good Fellow.” And gave a standing ovation.