Marana Rotary Notes 10/26/2021
Business meeting via zoom, called to order # 701 am
We will have an MCAT student @745 am via zoom, Richie and Dan will be there in person
Randy said several people said the MCAT Student presentation just doesn’t seem the  same.  Before the students and family were joining us in person for the whole meeting and it felt more intimate to see the kids in person.   Dan said he talked to Denise from MCAT, and like the way the last one went.   Dan said the zoom meetings work better for the kids and their family, not having to get transportation to the venue.  Mary said there is a lot of value in the kids seeing our meeting we are supposed to be introducing our youth into leadership and there is a lost opportunity where they are not attending.  Peter said it was nice when they came but the fact that we only get a donut, he felt the zoom one we had the last time wasn’t bad.  Don feels the zoom works ok also, and hearing from Dan the transportation is such an issue, it’s working out ok.  Richie said it falls back on us to connect with student as well, be prepared with questions.
Sad news Randy and Don where is a meeting for crises response in Rotary and learned that the President of the Rotary Club of Casa Grande, drowned in a rip tide in Hawaii.  So keep them in your thoughts.
Randy said there was a special committee meeting regarding the additional funds the club has  club regular account.  Lynne spoke on behalf of the committee; Lynne had prepared a report of things we have to pay each quarter it was broken down by things we should pay, things we should pay and those that discretionary and the total is $148.00 a quarter so we will leave the dues at $150.00.  She said they voted to waive the dues this quarter.   And that donations will be $2000 to the Marana Rotary Foundation and $2000 to the Rotary International Annual fund.    John, Peter & Harold will donate their quarterly dues  to the Rotary annual Programs fund.  Sulee will donate her fees to the Marana Rotary Foundation to be used for Thanksgiving or Christmas for the family selected.  – Randy said taxes have been paid per Lynne.
Volunteers need to be at the airport on Thursday November 11th  from 8am to 8pm, to welcome Rotarians from around the world coming in for the District conference.  Mary has volunteered and possibly Denise, coupon need to be hand them for $5.00 off for their taxi ride to their hotel.  There is approximately 500 Rotarians coming to the conference.
Shirley Grace will be our speaker on Nov 9th, she has a global grant for Zimbabwe boys and girls club in Harare, she has donated to us she is asking for $.
The District Conference this week -  Mary and Don will be attending.
Harold said that Denise has a meeting October 30 from 11:30-1 re the El Tour De Tucson aid station
Dan will be working to get a name of a family who is in need from Denise @ MCAT, for Thanksgiving and Christmas.  Sulee will be working with Dan to get the food together and gifts for the family.
Randy and Mary said the Peace Pole Dedication was great, speakers were good and there was a great representation of the community (Law Enforcement- Fire Department).  It was very unifying for our community and really felt like we were ONE.    
We didn’t do happy bucks today – but happy to see Becky joining us – recovery has been a bit harder than she thought it was going to be.
 MCAT student: Paris Fisher her mom Nicole and Aunt with two cousins attended us via zoom.
Denise started by saying she is changing up the format a little bit by asking some interviewing Paris.   Denise said she is a triple threat student they grade on academics, attitude & attendance and she is exceeding all three of them.
D - What schools did you go to in elementary.  P- said she went to about 6 schools in elementary school, went to Tortilla Middles School and then went to Mountain View and they started online and then found she wanted to go to school in person and came to MCAT when she was behind in credits and now, she is going to graduate ahead of time.
D- she is such a communicator  P- Yes, I like to interact with people and be positive with them.
D- What are going to do when you graduate  P- I am thinking about moving to Oregon to be with my mom or to Phoenix where I have other relatives.

D- What are going to do after graduation P- I am thinking about Bio-medical Engineering  or Wildlife Research
Richie gave her movie tickets and a certificate on behalf of the Rotary Club of Marana.