Rotary Club of Marana
President Jo started the meeting by asking Dan C to lead the pledge. He did such a fine job that Maeve suggested we sing "For He Is a Jolly Good Fellow" to Dan. Sounded pretty good too!
Lots of good advice this morning:
Lynne- To paraphrase "If you are on the road to perdition go fast so you can get in and out before the devil knows you're there."
Jo- Per Will Rogers "Good judgement comes from experience and experience comes from bad judgement!"
Picture Rocks Food Bank recipients ran a little low last time for reasons unknown. 
 Lots of good discussion regards the Tour de Cookie fund raiser last Saturday. (The real reason we sang to Dan). Randy received a Canadian check that is not as easy to pass as a Loonie. Numerous comments about the Janice Meyer cookie booth and her families baking history. John sold some cookies and commented on the Cookie Monster shirts of several riders. Talk of moving event to earlier in the year. Dan will call a meeting soon to discuss possible changes and what we have learned from this years event. Dan ballparked the net profit at almost $6,000. Thank you EVERYONE that assisted. Due to travel etc several members could not help the day of the event but I know you were with us in spirit.
John-Daughter and granddaughter attended the meeting and granddaughter spoke of her RYLA experience
John-Will be out of country next two weeks and thank you to everyone for volunteering RICHIE BENNER to take minutes the next two meetings.(Richie, it doesn't pay to miss meetings)
Dan-Sorry he is such a grouch
David-He and his kids enjoyed the ride. Oldest daughter thinks they could enjoy it more if they ditched the younger ones and hit more cookie booths!
Bob-Grateful for table companions
Maeve-Had one of the longest lead ins in the history of jokedom to get to the punch line that Randy was not blessed by the pope but was actually kicked out of St Peter's Square. 
Randy-Sorry he missed T de C but learned new ways to get into our knickers for the Rotary Foundation
Lynne-Pete and Repeat, etc.
Harold and John-Happy although Harold was going to donate two dollars then changed his mind.
Mary-Her little cousin, who she thinks of as an 8 year old, but actually closer to 50 is one of the worlds experts on the Rwandan genocide. Scott Strauss, a former free lance reporter in Kenya and now a professor at University of Wisconsin has written several books on the topics of genocide, war and the making and unmaking of nations. He was named a winner of the Grawemeyer Award for Ideas Improving World Order. Along with the prestige he received $100,000.
Randy WON then lost the raffle. Perennial winner Bob couldn't believe it.
 Tyler McMurrich expressed her appreciation in being selected to attend RYLA. She enjoyed the interaction of being with a large group of strangers as this is fairly new to her. Tyler, a junior at BASIS Oro Valley has had the same 50 classmates for several years. She kind of enjoyed the "no tech" environment where cell phones were abandoned for personal interaction. She found it a challenge to get people to decide/agree in what direction to go for some of the activities. Being the oldest child and fairly opinionated she is used to others following her orders! She is still in contact with a few of the other participants. She liked the rock climbing, but did not participate in the telephone pole/zip line event. She plans on a career as a Forensic Pathologist and has visited schools in New York and also considering Washington University in St Louis, President Holt's alma mater.
With no word to the contrary we believe Tony Hunter is now a married man. If we learn otherwise the crystal stemware shall be returned. 
See you all in May!