Posted on May 29, 2018
With no apologies to The Four Seasons the Fifth Tuesday Social held at Mr. Ans was a smash hit. Two chefs were required to serve our group of nineteen and both were at the top of their game. Food was flung everywhere and occasionally caught. Three foot tall flames, twirling knives and even two volcanoes set the tone for the evening.
Prior to dinner being served Lynne Himmer shared a few words in praise of our president, Jo Holt, who's term ends 6/30/2018. No jokes from Lynne this time as she wanted to not distract from the praise lavished upon President Holt.
Next Randy Brooks spoke about our Nigerian Exchange Student and recent graduate of MUSD, Mirabel. At times the evenings festivities looked like a party to honor Mirabel who will be departing for home in a few days. She even received the "lit candle on scoop of ice cream" treatment. She will be missed, but I think we may see her again in the future.
Congratulations to Maeve Johnson for organizing the best 5th Tuesday Social our club has experienced in a long long time.
Members attending were:
The Benner's
Denise West
The Jorgensen's
The Burtloff's
The Zwick's
The Johnson's
The Brook's                                 
The Dooling's                              
Jo Holt                                           
Lynne Himmer                                            
Kathleen Neighbors                
and, of course, Mirabel!