Rotary Club of Marana
Thanks to Laura for taking these excellent minutes!  Andy
Minutes from November 9 Rotary Club of Marana Meeting

Club social planned for a wine tasting at Old Pueblo Cellars at the end of the month.

Request has been made for the club to donate to a group that puts wreaths on veterans’ graves. It was suggested that we donate $400, a similar amount that we gave to the police foundation for officer equipment.

Happy Buck highlights:
Bob was happy about his wife’s upcoming birthday which they will celebrate in Sedona.
Dan was happy to announce that we have two families from MCAT identified to be “adopted” for our Thanksgiving dinner and Christmas dinner and presents gifts.
Lynner, Harold, and Cathy all reported “just happy”.
John was happy to watch grandsons compete in state championships in swimming and mountain bike racing.
Don was beyond happy to convince his grandson to wear pants to daycare.
Denise was happy to have our guests in attendance.
Mary and Peter, as well, were happy to see everyone at the meeting.
Laura was happy the UA football won a game and broke the 20-game losing streak.
Randy was happy and thankful for those who helped him greet District Conference attendees at the airport and thankful to those supporting his ride in the El Tour de Tucson.

Guest Speaker Shirley Grace

Twenty-year Rotarian Shirley Grace, who is in town prepping for the El Tour de Tucson, was our guest speaker and shared “What I’ve Learned” from two decades of service through Rotary.

First, you have to stop and take stake before you can move forward. Shirley had just finished a major project for Rotary and wanted to spend some time on herself. She went on an African safari through a Rotary club and then biked and boated across eight countries in Europe. She was then recharged and ready to go in January 2020 to participate in Operate Smile, which provides surgeries to correct cleft palates and cleft lips in infants and toddlers. Shirley went to Vietnam for Operation Smile where followed 9-month-old Nei through the process and eventual surgery.

Second, be flexible. When the opportunity knocks, take it. Shirley did this and went to India where she not only got to see Rotary grants in action – the installation of libraries and restrooms for elementary children – but also to participate in a wedding celebration – all because of her Rotary connections.

Third, be creative. Shirley and her husband decided to downsize and that meant finding new homes for an extensive cookie jar collection. They did so, in large part be donating the cookie jars to schools and other organizations who filled the jar with cookies and either sold them or gave them away.

Finally, love thy neighbor. Just months after selling their home nestled in the California forest, the Creek fire ravaged the area and burned dozens of structures and homes, including their former house. It was a reminder that we must take care of one another.