Registration and sponsorships for the 2023 Tour de Cookie are off to a great start.
Marana Rotary Club
Weekly Meeting
January 17, 2023
The hybrid meeting opened at 7 AM, Laura held a 10’ social session.
Next week’s will be online only. There is no speaker today.
Denise will be on Leave of Absence for a period of time. Beckie’s husband, Carl, fell last week, is currently waiting for rehab orders and is in good spirits. Harold will be undergoing knee replacement next Monday and Laura asked for a volunteer greeter for February while Harold recovers.
Randy reported that Ina Collision will sponsor the Tour de Cookie at the $500 level.  We currently have sponsorships totaling $2,500 and another $2,000 has been paid for participation already! More sponsors are being sought (Bank of the West?), and we hope for almost 300 riders.
April 15 is confirmed for the Human Trafficking symposium. Mary is coordinating our website so that a registration link can be easily found and has good visibility. EventBrite is being considered to handle the registration.
Youth Exchange, Cindy is not present due to having to take their son for minor surgery.  Two items were discussed regarding the upcoming Youth Exchange Program:1) We need a Club Counselor to talk to the students 1X/ month, and 2) We need a Club Exchange Officer requiring a background check and the completion of online course work.
John reports that the YE Program is way ahead, four students have been confirmed (to Spain, Belgium, and Japan), including
Musical tour group from Romania-  a request for assistance was discussed for the visitors who need either a home to stay in or hotel support. The Doolings and Mary offered to host students.
Laura gave kudos to Bob for the outstanding speakers program.  Bob asked members for support in engaging new speakers.    Suggestions included MUSD Superintendent, NW Fire District Chief, and Terry Rozema, Marana Town Manger. Bob appreciates suggestions, but also needs contact information to follow up.
Happy Bucks
  • Bob spent time this morning in the emergency room addressing a mystery virus that has been ravaging the area. He was the 19th patient this morning alone! He received two bags of saline and is feeling better.
  • Carol was celebrating the 13th birthday of her dog and enjoying the rain.
  • Andy was happy to have witnessed Tom Brady being annihilated in last night’s NFL payoff game. Said he was waiting for the price of gold to reach $2,000 per ounce so his company could sponsor events.
  • Laura was happy that donations were being made to Rotary Vocational Fund through a memorial for Lynn
  • Cathy was enjoying the rain.
  • Harold, likewise, was soaking up the rainfall.
  • John related a story where he was urged to buy gold when it was $40/ounce. He didn’t do it! Nor did he buy Starbucks when he was told to.
  • Mary was also happy to see Tom Brady lose, and was recovering well from her treatments.
  • Dan was also happy to see Brady go down… least not to the Cowboys.
  • Randy finally succumbed and bought a new computer which his son will be setting up for him. He also put $20 in the bucket saying he preferred cash to contributing online.
  • Laura was unhappy that she may have jinxed the UA women’s Wildcat Basketball team as they were subsequently barely beaten (thanks to questionable officiating) by Utah.