Marana Rotary Club
January 25, 2022 weekly meeting
This week’s meeting constituted the monthly business meeting, held virtually.  The next two weeks will be virtual, followed by a poll to determine if there is comfort for meetings in person.
Happy Bucks
  • Harold reported that he had breakfast with John Z. last week and will again this morning.  John very much appreciates the connection to the club.
  • Bob was happy to get his boat out of the water in Oklahoma and remains busy babysitting grandkids
  • Cindy is doing fine and enjoying close family events
  • John is engaging family for the upcoming shredding and other events.  Appreciates where we live and the rosy glow over the Rincon Mtns.  John also reported that they had used an old gift certificate for Nanna’s Kitchen and that Javier’s business seemed good
  • Don is looking forward to a drive with Cathy up to Scottsdale to visit family members and friends from Chicago
  • Cathy reports that things are good.  And that she has replacement glasses for the pair Randy broke last Sunday at Rillito Park
  • Mary is happily baking cookies, non-stop
  • Peter shred an experience where he put a houseboat on a lake in Oklahoma, only to return the following year to find that the reservoir had been drained
  • Beckie reports that Carl has a “man-cold”, but has tested negative for COVID
  • Sulee is “hanging in there”
  • Laura lamented the fact that her computer was not cooperating this morning and will share her coffee with the incalcitrant machine
  • Andy reported peace and quiet in S. Utah, should be traveling to Tucson in the coming two weeks and will hook up with Randy
  • Dan was doing fine, driving down Speedway as he spoke.  Suggested special ingredients in Mary’s cookies
Randy announced that Cathy Lowling has agreed to accept the nomination as Club President following Laura’s term.  Randy formally made the motion to nominate Cathy, Bob seconded the motion, and the members approved unanimously.
Randy spoke to the need for everyone to pitch in to help Dan with the March 5, Tour de Cookie.  Needs include finding booth sponsors ($500 per booth), signage, on site direction-givers, advertising, etc.  Dan reports that there are perhaps 45-50 riders confirmed this far.  Dan informed that sponsors need to be finalized within two weeks in order for them to be included in the tee short designs.  Beckie reported that there were 14 sponsors confirmed, so far, with roughly half being new sponsors and half repeats.   Cookie needs are estimated to be 300-350 cookies provided per booth.
Committee Reports
Foundation matching donations- John reported that one person, Harold, met the two-month window ending Dec 31 for matching gifts up to $500 to Rotary International
Randy announced that he had two Paul Harris pins; one for Harold and the other for Bob Bishop
Mary reported on the status of the 2021-22 club service projects.  Notably:
  • The Cameroon Project is being wrapped up and all monies have been spent., and
  • D5500 Peace Pole Tour:
    • Since the Interact Club no longer exists, Mary suggested that those monies approved for the Interact Club essay contest be transferred to an essay contest with participation from the Owl and Panther; an organization of refugees who have a history of torture and abuse.  After discussion, Randy made the motion that an essay contest themed “what is your vision for peace, incorporating the concepts of the four-way test”.  Cash prizes will be $100 for first place, $75 for second place and $50 for third place.  Sulee seconded and the motion passed unanimously.  It was further decided that the judging committee be comprised of
    • Randy
    • Mary
    • Sulee
    • Peter and
    • Cindy
Mary also recommended that we adopt a quarterly club service workday at Felicias Farms.  Wednesday was the suggested day and club members agreed with the suggestion.
Don reported on the membership drive informing that Carol of the Food Bank had submitted her application for club membership.
Harold reported that the Foundation held approximately $9,500 in cash, less the obligation to pay Shelter Box $1,000, and that the Foundation had spent $5,810 last year which is more than was taken in.
MCAT student of the Month
Jake Weller of Marana was presented to the club by his mentor/teacher, Denise de Coronado, accompanied by Jake’s mother and grandmother, and various colleagues and teachers.  Jake described his journey beginning at Ironwood Elementary and Mountain View where COVI challenged his education and he discovered MCAT.  Denise explained that Jake was chosen for his qualities not only in academics, but his attitude and level of engagement plus drive.  Jake is a guitar player who will soon be appearing at the new Whiskey Road club at the Foothills Mall.  The club commended Jake and Randy presented to him a $35 movie gift certificate.
Randy ended the meeting sharing a recent experience where his neighbors house was demolished by an explosion rapidly followed by sweeping fire.