Marana Rotary Club Meeting Information
September 21, 2021
Guests of Honor:
Governor “Hank” Huisking
Assistant to the Governor Marc Snow
El Tour de Cookie is set for March 12th
At last evening’s board meeting, the Governor mentioned that a foreign exchange student is available for school year 2022/2023, is anyone interested?  Please consider and respond, if so.  This is for an inbound candidate.
Southern Arizona Law Enforcement Foundation is soliciting several levels of sponsorship.  Is our club interested?  For consideration and future discussion.
Due to time constraints, there is no Happy Bucks today.
Don won the drawing!
Marc Snow, Governor-elect for 2024/25, introduced himself.  Now living in Oro Valley, Marc is a native Montanan involved in Rotary for 15 years.  He has attended two international conventions in person and two on-line.  Marc has hosted several foreign exchange students.
“Hank” Huisking spoke to her focus as Governor.  Staying connected in these pandemic times is her driver.  Her membership credo is “each one of us Rotarians bring one and keep one member”.
Governor Huisking spoke about Rotary International’s president, Shekhar Mehta, and his philosophies leading Rotary.  The guiding messages the Governor shared were:
  • Two young girls in India who lived 17 miles apart led entirely different lives due to economic and social backgrounds.  These inequities must be overcome.
  • Empowerment of women, particularly young women, must be a priority.
  • Focus on days of service.  After the past two years of isolation, clubs must work together to accomplish something bigger.
Announcements from the Governor
  • The Governor noted that the upcoming conference at Casino del Sol is in person October 29-30 and encouraged everyone to attend.   Representative Julia Phelps and Alan Mallory will be keynote speakers.  Alan will speak on agile leadership and dealing with obstacles, timely topics.
  • RYLA will be held January 14th-17th, in person.
  • The RI Leadership course is being held virtually, Jan. 22nd, 29th, and Feb 5.
  • The Mexican-American Friendship Conference is being held Feb. 3-6.
  • Peace Day is tentatively set for Apr. 2nd, honoring 15 District 5500 Peace Clubs
  • The Four-Way Test Speech Contest will be Apr. 9.  The Governor’s goal is to have 15 students participate.
  • Finally, the Veteran Memorial Park foundation picnic will be held on May 22nd in Sierra Vista.
MCAT student of the month
Richie Benner presented Noah, our MCAT student, and his mom, Leandra.  Noah graduates in March from Coronado High with all A’s and B’s.  Noah checked all the boxes, Academics, Attendance and Attitude, in being selected for this honor.  His current goal is to be a shoe designer (athletic, not fashion) and Noah is very business directed.