At its monthly business meeting, the club recommitted to hosting an aid station for the El Tour de Tucson.
Marana Rotary Club
August 23, 2022 weekly meeting
Laura called the meeting to order at 7 a.m. The meeting is all virtual and, being the fourth Tuesday of the month, is dedicated to business. Laura intended the meeting to include break-out, social interactions; however, she was not able to create break-outs. Therefore, the social interaction will be part of Happy Bucks
Randy shared a photo of the Peace Pole Garden with the newly installed bench. Randy said all looks great and that the regular maintenance folks were taking good care of the area.
Laura welcomed Mark Goligosky from the Marana School District as his second meeting as a guest.
Laura will host a breakfast next Tuesday at the Bisbee Breakfast Club where socializing and a little business will be on the agenda. She will make reservations outside for 7 a.m. for ten people who indicated that they would join her.
Happy Bucks:
  • Harold was just happy, all is great.
  • Randy echoed Harold and added that he missed all you guys, like Andy and Bob, who have been physically distant for a while.
  • Denise was happy to see the Catalinas so green, like a Hawaiian island mountain.
  • Cathy spoke to the Oro Valley Rotary Club about Felicia's Farm.
  • Cindy was happy to see interest from three students for next year’s the Rotary Youth Exchange Program.
  • John was just happy, things are great.
  • Bob was happy that he FINALLY tested negative for COVID after two weeks, and is regaining his strength, despite now having some blood pressure issues.
  • Andy was grateful to be back home after a week in Mexico visiting a gold mine, and echoed Denise’s observation about the emerald green Sonoran Desert.
  • Richie explained that his absence last week was due to his being up all night attending his Bernese Mountain dog who gave birth to nine healthy puppies. He also mentions that the football pool is ready to launch
  • Mary had a friend coming who may evaluate one of her dogs for possible transfer to a more ranch-like setting. And she is happy to have her hair starting to grow back!
  • Mark, our guest, said he was happy to be at three weeks welcoming kids back to school and that all was pretty “normal” again. Attendance is 100 kids more than expected with more than 13,000 kids in total.
  • Carol was heading to Tennessee next Sunday to visit family with a side-trip to Florida.
  • Beckie was enjoying time with the grandkids and loving the rain
  • Peter visited the fire station for the meeting this morning and reports that all is quiet there. He will be heading to Maui two weeks following next week’s breakfast at the Bisbee Breakfast Club.
  • Adam was happy to be busy at work and shared his conversations regarding the Casa Marana and likelihood that Caps and Corks will be the alternative for hosting a fundraiser.
  • Laura was grateful for this time of the year, marking the end of summer, and shared her mom’s tradition of taking the kids to a movie to mark the change. Thinking about the beginning of school and that the time represents new opportunities for growth in her mind.
Club business
Laura asked if Richie would reach out to Denise Coronado to rekindle the Student of the Month, MCAT, program. Richie agreed and will shoot to have a student at our virtual meeting on Sept. 27.
Laura discussed the decision at the last Board meeting to initiate on-line payments by September 1 through Beckie’s credit card services. Dues and Happy Bucks payments will be available on-line, and she would appreciate members using a debit card, if possible, for reduced service fees to the club. Registration and payment for Tour de Cookie will also be available.
Denise raised the El Tour de Tucson aid station situation. As discussed previously, the Tour will not pass anywhere near Marana this year. Dove Mountain Rotary wants to help us again this year. After discussion it was decided that 1) we should sponsor an aid station considering our participation for 26 consecutive years, and 2) we should seek a partnership with one the southeast Tucson clubs, like Sahuarita. A station at Helmet Peaks was suggested by Peter. The topic will be further discussed at next week’s breakfast meeting, and Denise will bring a map of the Tour for station selection. Denise will indicate our interest to the Tour officials.
John mentioned the “Every Rotarian, Every Year” campaign, and said we had been involved almost every year since 2005. He urged that members continued to make their $100/year donation to this cause. Carol asked what "Every Rotarian, Every Year" was. John and Randy explained that the money went to The Rotary Foundation for use in projects and grants; and that half of the funds were returned to the District 5500 to fund local Rotary club projects. Randy reiterated that The Rotary Foundation has received Charity Navigator's highest "Four Star" rating.
Laura discussed our club’s reception at the District 5500 Conference on Sept. 24th. She will coordinate with Casino del Sol on food and venue. Randy encouraged all members attend, if possible, to show our support for Don’s election to be District Governor. Laura asked everyone to attend the reception, which is from 5:30 p.m. to 6:30 p.m.
Finally, Bob reminded that the next speaker on Sept 6 will be Stephanie Lang who will speak on the efforts to stop human trafficking, and child hunger issues.
Laura reminded that District Governor Anita McDonald will be the featured speaker at our meeting on Sept. 13.
Laura adjourned the meeting promptly at 8:01 with the Four Way Test.