Marana Rotary Club
Weekly meeting minutes October 5, 2021
The meeting was hybrid with Peter working out the last of the virtual bugs.   Peter will not be here next week; Harold agreed to stick-handle the virtual setup.  Peter will distribute setup -for -dummie -instructions to members for future use.
Happy Bucks
  • Peter updated us on the volcanic activities in La Palma.  Sadly, activity increases with new vents opening all the time.  Ash and lava have destroyed almost all the banana crops, effecting the entire population of 85,000.
  • Mary was searching for words, we will come back to her.
  • Dan was happy for the MLB playoffs, especially the iconic match up between the Red Sox and Yankees.  Twenty bucks worth of happiness.
  • Beckie was prepping for surgery, running the gauntlet of lab tests and pre-op checklist.  Why can’t this be done in one place?
  • Don was happy for the great relationships brought to us by Cathy and Felicia’s Farms.  Five bucks worth of happy.
  • Mary was till searching for words…..
  • John Z. was not happy with the performance of his hearing aids this morning.
  • Harold was happy to have his cataract surgery lined up for November.
  • John D. informed as to his turkey hunting adventure with his grandson in Young AZ where the one-pump town was out of gas, but a generous resident provided 5 gallons of the precious liquid.  No turkeys seen.
  • Denise was happy today for not having to wear a mask today.  Twenty bucks worth of happiness.
  • Andy was enjoying the Fall colors in the canyonlands and mountains of S Utah
  • Cathy was grateful for the technology afforded by Zoom to her mobile phone in these challenging times.
  • Laura was once again happily completing home improvement projects.
  • Randy was reporting from a questionable motel room in Richardsburg TX en route to a wedding for one of his former foreign exchange student.  Twenty bucks worth of happiness.
  • Randy will ride the 25-mile portion of the El Tour de Tucson (which Andy will someday figure out is different from El Tour de Cookie).  Randy asked for sponsors for which he will donate to Polio Plus.  Peter made the first offer of $2/mile, with a bonus of $50 if Randy finishes the 25-mile loop.
  • Beckie explained why her contact, the Medicaid advisor, cannot speak before clubs; but, said they were available if someone needs their contact.
  • Randy asked for members to become involved, if possible, with the Marana Chamber of Commerce.  Our club should have representation at the Chamber, plus we are seeking new members from the Chamber.
  • The Dove Mountain club will be holding a peace building meeting this coming Thursday (now last Thursday because these minutes are late) on Zoom.
  • The Southern AZ Law Enforcement Assoc will be holding a motorcycle rally on Oct. 30.  Various levels of sponsorship are available, and the club should discuss possible interest in supporting
Mary presented one of two powerful presentations from the Rotary Peace Conference, District 5495.  Unfortunately, the three of us on Zoom had no audio and , apparently, there were also sound issues in the NWFD meeting room.   Mary subsequently circulated the presentations to members.
Andy Swarthout, Secretary