Meeting was called to order by our President
Randy, Mary and Laura attending the membership seminar this last weekend. They will be doing a special presentation on membership soon
Happy bucks
John- happy to spend time fishing with the grandkids event if 0 fish were caught
Dan- happy that all the kids who made the trek to the first day of school made it back home 
Bob happy to be back temporarily 
Peter- happy to be here. Will be headed to San Diego soon
Carl- happy to be back from moving his daughter and excited she will be starting work soon
Becky- happy for the person who invented AC.
Mary- her daughter will be starting high school at CDO. 
JoAnn our guest from the Primavera Foundation where they help anywhere from a simple roof over their head for the night to being the first person in their family to own their own home. 
The Primavera Foundation was started by members of our community in 1983 by people who were really concerned about the most vulnerable members of our community. Here we are so many years later, Primavera continues to provide not just vital services, but economic investment back into the community so that everyone has a safe place to call home. When the most marginalized have equity, we are all enriched, and our community can thrive.
  • Economic empowerment and long-term financial security
  • Neighborhood revitalization
  • Community and civic engagement
  • Empowering the most marginalized in our community to affect long-term positive change for themselves and their families
Meeting ended with the 4 way test