Rotary Club of Marana Meeting; May 4, 2021
Club Business:
  • Board meeting this evening, everyone welcome
  • District Conference will be held remotely June 4th and 5th.  A $10 fee will go directly to annual fund.
  • District 5500 currently has three Centennial Clubs.  Congratulations to the those Clubs!
  • Randy volunteered to be our representative at the Council on Legislation held during the District Conference.
  • Randy asked for volunteers on Nov 18th to welcome Rotarians coming to Tucson for the Zone Institute.  Both Becky and Bob volunteered.
  • The district is now open for nominations for Governor Nominees Designate.  The search is on for a person who will serve as governor in 2024-25
  • Richie posted the Az Daily Star article on our Shredding Event to our Facebook Account. 
Happy Bucks
  • Richie Is grateful that we haven’t hit 100 degrees yet.
  • Don had a nice anniversary with his wife.
  • Bob is enduring a difficult time.  His brother is very ill but was able to attend his daughter’s wedding.  Additionally, he has taken a young man under his wing who has advanced cancer, worsened because he has no insurance and, therefore, didn’t get medical care sooner.
  • Dan’s grandson was born Friday and gets to meet him tonight!! He is very excited.
  • Joyce enjoyed her District Conference on Saturday.  District 5360 includes the southern half of Alberta.
  • Sulee is happy she was able to spend some time with daughter and grandchildren.  One of her grandchildren has Primary Immune Deficiency, leaving her very vulnerable to infections.  Her exposure to people and places is very restricted, and she’s been wearing a mask since age 1. 
  • Randy happy his homestead has been refreshed with new paint.  He also reported that his, who has had advanced Alzheimer’s  sister on hospice.
  • Harold enjoyed a 5-day visit from his brother and wife who came from Kingman.
  • John’s looking forward to a hip replacement regarding which he was promised a quick and easy recovery.  John was delighted with a conversation he had with his granddaughter…  Granddaughter asked John if the road runner he saw was a girl or boy?  When he responded that, well, he didn’t know, she asked,  “Did it have eyelashes?” 
Submitted by Mary Straus,