Rotary Club of Marana
 The first meeting of our new year began with the virtual ringing of the bell by President Benner using his cell phone. Our podium, bell, flag and banner are missing, but believed to be at Mary's home. Although she will miss the next three meetings she promises she will eventually return these items, possibly before she leaves town!
Being the first week of July and all we decided to sing God Bless America even though we were only about ten members strong due to summer vacations. John D. led us off with a note that apparently few were familiar with, but I congratulate each and every member in attendance for knowing 95% of the words and giving it the old college try. It makes me proud to be an American, if not part of the Rotary Club of Marana choir. Practice may not makes us perfect, but perhaps tolerable is a worthy goal?
Carl Mays was in attendance again and will be pursuing membership. As a reminder, Carl is the Edward Jones Representative that replaced Maeve Johnson.
New ADG Mark Snow has replaced outgoing ADG Mary Strauss. Thank you Mary for giving your time and talent to the District this past year.
DG here 10/22/2019.
Membership Symposium in Green Valley 8/3/2019.
Last week of October is District Conference cruise.
Harold announced that photos from the officer installation are now on our website.
President Benner provided Treasurer and Sgt. at Arms pins to Lynne and Javier respectively. He also announced that Laura Clymer agreed to be our Secretary for 2019/2020.
Happy Bucks
John, Dan, Tony and Richie-All Happy
Beckie-Happy to be alive. Although vastly improved over past years death still frequents the highway taken by travelers to and from Las Vegas from AZ. Beckie and her husband twice had near collisions caused by drivers in a hurry. Fortunately they are fine and are able to enjoy the attitude and the toddler stage of their granddaughter.
Denise-Happy that there are allergy shots and that her article appeared in Timeless Magazine. 
Harold- Ellen making great strides especially now that she is back on her own tracheotomy tube which is of a larger diameter than the hospitals tube.
Mary-Out next three weeks
Randy-Sorry our club's vibrancy is not on display for Carl Mays due to the summer doldrums
Carl-Happy to be here
Richie-Four Happy Quarters and a reminder July has five Tuesdays, ergo a social meeting the last Tuesday of July.
Lynne asked what do you get when you combine a dinosaur and fireworks? Dinomite!
Denise-Won and lost with the five of diamonds.
Randy spoke on the following:
The Rotary Foundation 
District 5500 Foundation
Rotary Club of Marana Foundation
Every Rotarian Every Year
My notes say, "It's complicated."
Over simplifying money given to the Rotary Foundation is kept for three years then about 95% is returned to the Districts for projects. The Rotary Foundation awarded almost 87 million in worldwide grants in 2018. Charity Navigator gives the Foundation it's top rating of four stars as 92% of funds are spent on grant awards. There are various levels of recognition given to donors using the name of Paul Harris, Rotary's founder. Once total lifetime donations add up to $1,000 a Paul Harris Fellow is earned. Six members of our club donate $1,000 per year and are designated Paul Harris Society members
District Foundation serves clubs with out their own Foundation and money is used for District matching and Global Grants.
The Marana Rotary Foundation is our clubs own 501c3 where members can donate for smaller projects. This money is also used in capturing District and Rotary Foundation match money for larger projects. There are basically no operational costs associated with our Marana Club's Foundation.
Every Rotarian Every Year request from Rotary International is $100 and billed to you along with your club dues. This money goes to the Rotary Foundation. Our club strives to be a 100% club with all members donating a minimum of $100 to the Rotary Foundation.
The bulk of club dues goes towards breakfast costs which include use of  room and storage with some money going to RI and District for their operational costs and the Rotary Magazine. While not discussed I want to point out that 50% of the weekly raffle money is paid out to winners and the other 50% goes to defray club expenses as dues alone are not sufficient. Often winners will donate their winnings to our Club's Foundation which is deductible. Happy bucks also go towards Club operations. Participation in raffle and Happy Bucks serve to keep our dues as low as possible.