Marana Rotary Club
May 2, 2023 weekly meeting
The meeting began with some social time after which Laura called the Hybrid meeting to order at 7:10 AM with the pledge of allegiance.
Laura supplied cake donuts in celebration of our club’s 35 anniversary of being chartered.  Hence, her reference to bringing “cake” for the celebration.
May 6- the District training seminars will take place for those in Rotary leadership roles.   The seminars offer three choices of topics, each one lasting one hour and taking place from 9AM to noon.  Enrollment is free, plus you get a personal email from Don Jorgensen (note, Don, I’ve finally learned to spell your last name correctly with an “e”, not an “o”).
June 23, Cathy’s induction as Marana Rotary President as well as the induction of Board members and committee chairs.
June 25, induction of Don as District 5500 Governor.
Bob Bishop reports that Timothy Masauwi of Tanzania is seeking $2,000 to complete the project replacing the school bathrooms destroyed by flooding.  Harold pointed out that we have previously donated $2,000 to the cause.   Laura asked if Timothy could give us a progress report before we consider further funding.   Bob agreed to reach out to Timothy.
Cindy suggested that Avery, our Youth Exchange student destined for Spain present to us at a meeting.
Randy reminded anyone with pending expenses from the Human Trafficking Forum to get them to Harold.
Don and Cathy are celebrating their 42nd wedding anniversary.  Randy asked if they will still be married after Don serves one-year as District Governor!
Dan and Heather will be celebrating their 23rd anniversary on May 27.
Bob Bishop is celebrating 34 years since he joined Rotary!
Laura presented Andrea with a $50 gift certificate for Hotel Congress in celebration of her and Christian’s wedding.  Andrea pointed out the coincidence since their relationship really got started at Hotel Congress!
Happy Bucks
Mark had great family news; his two kids are getting ready to start an internship at a construction company in Phoenix while the second one is about to begin a career in the medical field
Bob was in Oklahoma City where he participated, as a volunteer, in the OKC marathon hosting over 19,000 runners.  Bob was assisting at the finish line and showed us the huge medals award to all finishers of the long race.   Interestingly, the OKC marathon is one of 12 major races in the world and hosted runners from 18 different countries.
Beckie was happy for virtual meetings; she had started down the freeway, noticed the bad traffic, and turned around to join by Zoom
Andy was simply happy for Spring
Dan was interrupted by a call from the Chandler City Manager.
Andrea had a great weekend
Mary was just generally happy
John, our camera operator today, said Josh was trying to convince him that Tofu was actually good.
Cindy expressed appreciation for Harold for doing a marvelous job on ClubRunner and our Website.   And, as our Treasurer!
Harold recalled that it was July 1989 when he first visited our club.
Peter was happy to report that the Tucson Chamber has invited him to attend and present at a conference in Geneva, Switzerland.   Just what Peter needs….more airline miles!
Randy had a wonderful weekend with son and daughter and great grandkid (??? Did I hear that right?)
Cathy was happy that her start at ISKA went great and reminded all to look at the website!
Don J. was happy to have recently attended a meet-up with 40 of Rotary’s incoming leaders.
:Laura was happy to have heard all of the laughter in the room today between members!
Guest Speaker
Mary Beardsley, a retired nurse and former yoga studio operator, spoke about a medical clinic’s needs in Malawi, southeast Africa.  Mary described the general country situation and outlined the clinic’s most urgent need, an ultrasound machine costing an estimated $3,500.  The equipment is most needed because of maternity issues and the high mortality rates of both mothers and newborns.   Mary S. commented that $3,500 is a large amount for a small club on its own.   Peter offered that there are 17 Rotary clubs in Tanzania who could possibly be approached for funding partners.
Upon discussion, it was suggested that Mary B. prepare a proposal for funding.   However, given her lack of experience in the area of preparing proposals, it was suggested by Laura that the Board consider assistance at its next meeting. 
Laura adjourned the meeting at 8:05 AM.
Andy Swarthout (any errors are mine and mine alone!)