The club’s community service project — “Awareness Hope Action: A forum on human trafficking” — is all set for Saturday, April 15.
Marana Rotary Club
April 11, 2023 weekly meeting
Laura called the hybrid meeting to order at 7:10 AM with the pledge of allegiance.
Forum on Human Trafficking — Laura thanked Randy, Mary and Carol for an incredible effort on the forum, which is becoming an incredibly relevant event. Randy reported that the team has been meeting weekly for the past several months. He asked that volunteers show up between 7 and 7:30 and advised attendees to dress business smart and advised not to wear Rotary tee shirts.
John mentioned that a 150-pound delivery had arrived from Old Dominion Trucking and, after discussion, it was determined that it was destined for Dove Mountain Club and would be delivered accordingly.
Laura reminded the Club that Andrea was getting married this week and was likely already in Puerto Vallarta for the festivities.
Happy Bucks
  • Cathy is changing jobs and is going to working with a refugee re-entry group.
  • Randy expressed deep gratitude for all of the help they have received for the upcoming forum.
  • Bob was happy for today’s speaker being able to make it.
  • Harold was again happy to be able to attend the meeting and recovering well.
  • Mary was very happy to have her last infusion this week!
  • Cindy- I couldn’t hear well, but seemed happy.
  • Beckie was happy to have shared some time with horses and her two grandchildren.
  • Don J. had a fantastic Easter, celebrating a tradition with family for over 35 years.
  • Carol enjoyed Easter weekend with friends.
Guest Speaker
Laura introduced Denise Baldwin representing the Tucson Mountain Association, a non-profit, all- volunteer organization formed in 1934 to preserve habitats in our Tucson Mountains. The group’s focus is on preserving open spaces in the face of development pressures. TMA works closely with Pima County, Parks and Recreation, the Dark Skies Program and several scientific organizations. It also attacks the invasive species challenges.  TMA’s area of interest encompasses 192 square miles. TMA focusses on consequences due to:
  • Climate change
  • Water scarcity, and
  • Growth
Denise described how TMA works with numerous organizations to bring awareness to the preservation of the Tucson Mountains. 
Andy Swarthout (any errors are mine and mine alone!)