Rotary Club of Marana
President Holt has returned from Ireland's Matchmaking Festival. Few of us knew the reason for her trip to the Ol' Sod. She was impressed with the friendliness of their culture. She recited a lovely prayer thanking God for those who love us, asking God to turn the heart of those who do not and finally, to turn the ankle of those who still resist. I think I got that right. Anyway, she and her friends spent a lovely day at an Irish beach where they enjoyed the typical weather of the Emerald Isle, i.e. getting rained on and sand blasted by gale force winds. It's good to be back home.
In her absence it is reported that Tony Hunter did a good job, but was mean to Maeve. (probably had it coming)
 Today we honored Emily, a student at MCAT. Accompanying Emily were her mother, sister, Principal Denise Coronado and English teacher Melissa. Emily was a bit shy but did state her intent to attend PCC and study nursing. She will graduate ahead of schedule in early October! By the way, she is a gifted artist. 
Randy Brooks participated in the Old Pueblo poker tournament and, by our club standards, did quite well. 
Maeve Johnson gave a lengthy update on El Tour de Tucson bike race. She has attended multiple planning meetings. She will or has been in touch with our Interact Club.
Maeve also made a last request for Burma Shave slogan submissions. Two prizes available to those among us with the gift of the bards.
Denise West greeted everyone and guest Michael Drake drew the deuce of Clubs.
Happy people included Don, Lori, Dan, David, John and Jo. Richie specifically mentioned that the diamondbacks are in the playoffs. Randy shared with us the fact that his name has a double entendre that could get you more attention than desired in Ireland. This is especially true I suppose if you happen to go to  Eire during the Matchmaking Festival.
Maeve shared with us "The Dali LLama isn't." and that the ratio of an igloo circumference to it's diameter is .............. wait for it...................Eskimo Pi!  Nice to hear people laugh instead of groan.
Michael Drake visited to accept our $1,000 donation towards Rotary's Global Grant benefiting disabled children in Palestine. The East Jerusalem Rotary Club, Clubs and individuals from District 5500 plus money from Rotary International will total $70,000 when the project commences. Michael is the Foundation Chair for District 5500 and he publicly thanked our own Lynne Himmer for her assistance.
The meeting finished with a brief discussion regards the District Grant towards the Diaper Bank/Book Distribution. Of the $8,800 not all will go for book purchase. No money will be spent on tracking software but 45% is now planned for construction costs (separate bins required) with 55% for actual book purchase. This is this writer's understanding and I urge anyone to correct me if this is not accurate.
There has been no intent to impugn anyone needlessly only where it was necessary.
Have a good week.