Marana Peace Garden Dedication
October 22, 2021
Members of the Town of Marana community gathered to dedicate its new Peace Garden, built by the Rotary Club of Marana in a peaceful enclave of the Marana Crossroads District Park.  Participants of the event included the Marana Chief of Police and Officers, the Northwest Fire Chief, a Pima County Supervisor representative, past and future District 5500 Governors, the Pastor of a nearby church, a member of a local Orthodox Jewish community, and Rotary Club of Marana members and friends.    
With each speaker, a felt sense of community and responsibility to peace grew.  Each spoke uniquely about peace, but there was also a common core addressed.  Peace is an attitude of interest, compassion, and understanding toward ourselves and others, even in the face of internal or external conflict.  Conflict is a symptom that occurs when parts of ourselves, a person, or group are not welcomed with understanding. 
As Rotarians, we know that conflict, hunger, poverty, disease, repression all underlie interruptions in peace.  It is why our intent is to do good works in the Rotary Areas of Focus throughout the world.  It is not enough, however, to do good deeds alone.  The most important component of our work and the one with the most lasting value comes when we incorporate attitudes of peace; interest, compassion and understanding with those we serve; when we elevate voices.
May Peace Prevail on Earth