Rotary Club of Marana
John Dooling subbing for Laura Clymer
President Benner started our meeting, as standard practice, with he Pledge of Allegiance to  the Flag of the United States of America. We almost escaped without song, but John Dooling, with strong support from our guest speaker if not club members, requested "Itsy Bitsy Spider" in light of the nice rainfall some of the valley experienced over the weekend. We sounded amazing. 
District 5500 will be one of the prime sponsors of the El Tour de Tucson. Tony Hunter has accepted the job of  Aid Station Coordinator and several members volunteered to assist. David Hindman was "volunteered" as he had yet to enter the meeting when we voted.
PETS registration in September and yours truly will be attending one of the sessions.
Planning still underway for our 5th Tuesday of July meeting. Stay tuned.
Our club's District grant proposal was submitted on time. We owe President Richie Benner our gratitude for shepherding this project. A "brief" overview: The project will assist the MUSD MHS Special Ed Department in training students to learn basic skill sets o run a coffee shop.
Carl Maes attended our meeting and a membership vote will soon take place.
Happy Bucks  
David-Back from Idaho
Tony-More Rain
Harold-Ellen continues long road to recovery
Denise-Our Guest from Reid Park Zoo
Randy-Carl Maes
Beckie-She has termites. Well her home does. I am positive this is not why she is happy, but I missed that part.
Mary-Unloaded a bunch of times, slowly, so she got her money's worth in telling us why she is happy. She will have to give more to see her happiness in print.
Rachel-Her and Madison are victims of their own success.
Richie-Sad and Happy. Will miss next two weeks as he will be at the Scout Jamboree in another state.
Joke Off?
Lynne-Why do they not play poker at the zoo? Too many cheetahs.
Lynne- Another zoo joke this one ended with the punchline something about "puma my pants." Those of you who are familiar with the work of comedy giants Harvey Korman, Tim Conway and Lynne Himmer will understand the trampling of lines during the uncontrolled laughter of your own humor. 
Lynne won!  
Beckie won and lost the raffle.
 Nancy Kluge President of the Reid Park Zooological Society was today's speaker. The Zoo is the largest gated attraction in southern AZ with over half a million attendees this past year. Her talk centered around Bigger Spaces Smiling Faces, the Zoo's expansion plans made possible by the passing of the Bond Issue last year.
Phase One will be ASIA-The expansion of footprint by 3.5 acres benefiting Tigers Habitat, Reptile House and Primate Island
Phase Two-With Safari Loop, Hippo underwater habitat and Rhino feeding
Phase Three- Expanded gift shop, Infrastructure improvements and a Mayan themed Play area
Nancy told us a major gift from the Rotary Club of Tucson.
Speaking of the Rotary club of Tucson they will be sponsoring a Tucson Mayoral candidate Meet and Greet  followed by Debate and Forum on 7/24/2019. Go to for details.
You will not want to miss next Tuesday's meeting as the fellow at the podium has not stood at that position since the last week of June 2007.