Marana Rotary Club
March 8, 2022 weekly meeting
Randy glowed over the success of the Tour de Cookie and thanked everyone for the unprecedented effort making this Tour the most successful yet. 
Happy Bucks
A quick check in quickly turned into a recap of the Tour. 
Harold has over 70 photos that he can share to the website.
Cathy heard a few comments that there was not enough signage: couple of folks asking directions.
Dan thanked everyone for making this Tour the least stressful of all.  Numbers not yet firm, but looks like we took in approx. $12,500. 
Beckie and Mary commented that a few voiced environmental concerns over the use of so many baggies for individual cookies. 
Laura suggested that we take all of the feedback into a small committee to evaluate for future Tours.
Discussions turned to the tragic events unfolding in Ukraine.  Don commented that Shelter Box has an assessment team on the ground in Poland, Romania and Hungary to determine what is needed besides tents or temporary shelter, such as building materials  and tools.  The supplies will be purchased locally to also help the effected economies.  A donation of $1,000 will buy a shelter box with up to seven kits.  Six rotary clubs are already raising funds for Shelter Box. 
Harold said the Foundation would contribute $1,000 to Shelter Box, Bob said he will match that donation amount.  It was suggested that the Marana Rotary Foundation should contribute $2,000 to SB.   A vote taken was unanimous.  Also, it was noted that today being International Women’s Day, RI will match any gifts up to $10,000.  Don Jorgensen said that he will make sure that any gifts made today will qualify for the match.
Other announcements
The Air Museum social event is slated for Saturday, March 26.  Ten members said they planned to attend. 
Mary shared a video made by Sulee regarding the world peace essay contest.  Sulee has done a fabulous job on this effort.  Mary and Sulee commented that kids really put their hearts into the effort.   Bob seconded the feeling and said that the event was quite emotional.
The next meeting will be hybrid at the fire station.   Peter Mack will present on the space telescope program.