May 10, 2022
Rotary Marana
Cindy led in the Pledge of Allegiance
Raffel Tickets were sold
Cindy Dolling is the Youth Coordinator for the district.
There is a District Administrative position available with the passing of Liz Cohn.  Kathy stepped up said she is interested the position.
Happy Bucks
Mary-doing good and the weather is still nice.
Kathy-she is happy her mom and husband are in visiting and going to her son’s graduation who is graduating with honors at ASU.
Lynn said she Himalayan rabbit stew because she found him lying in the road
Bobs happy he is here because he keeps waking up with heart issues.
Becky – happy she has two healthy grandbabies
Harold happy that they got the computer going
John is happy
Kathy Dooling said she is happy with the bicycle race
Dan said one of the things he misses is the fact we used to get in a small group when we all used to sit and talk.
Dan happy about mother’s day, he will be inducted soon.
Denise is happy her cousin is in the hospital after a freaky situation
Lynn – she got to go on a retreat
Randy happy he is getting to visit family and go to Washington
Peace builder club meeting.
Kathy said there are two district programs – District trainer and district grant chair.
RYLA new chair out of Sierra Vista Club
Bob introduced our speaker – she is a financial planner –
Fund raiser and develop
Presentation on everyone wants to know you to give more to Rotary.
There is a lot of ways to give money to donate to Rotary happy bucks, donations etc.  Today she is going to talk about major gifts, bequest etc.
She is here to stimulate some ideas on how to give money to rotary that might help taxes.  There are a lot of ways to give money, planned gift, bequest, structured gift.
Some numbers
70.5 ( this is an age #)  - QCD – Qualified Charitable Distribution from IRA or retirement plan.  I.e. you can tell you investment person you can say I want to make the contribution and you are not taxed for it.  This goes directly from IRA to Rotary. 
$1000 – Benefactor, you can gift $1000. Gift to Rotary Endowment Fund via estate plan.
10,000  Major Donor level
  • (cumulative financial gifts)
  • Bequest Society  -Beneficiary of IRA or Life Insurance
  • Donor advised fund (irrevocable contribution, Tax Deduction in gift year.  Harold wanted to know if the funds can be designated to the local club only.  She doesn’t know for sure.
  • Gift Annuity Minimum
100,000 Charitable reminder trust( this could be cash securities, real estate, or possible liquid assets).  This is lifetime funds.
25,000 Is astonishing
  • Minimum amount for Rotary Endowment
  • Great for Legacy planning
These # above reflect different gifts.
What should you do to give more?
  • What do you want to accomplish?
  • What do you want your legacy?
  • What are your resources?
  • What do you want you legacy to accomplish?
One simple way to leave money through your estate can me by adding it to your will
We concluded the meeting by Harold lead us in the four way test