Rotary Club of Marana Meeting, December 1, 2020
Everyone was in a cheerful mood on this chilly morning.  We were honored to welcome District Governor, Diane Ventura Goodyear, to our club. 
Announcements/Club Business:
  • Thanks from our president to club members for responding to request to sign on to
  • More thanks and recognition for the many who responded to the board’s Matching Points Programs.  John believes 10 members have achieved a Paul Harris in this year with contributions to TRF, Annual and Polio Eradication Funds.  Congratulations to our club!  These contributions allow us and Rotary Clubs around the world to do good works.  We have yet to meet John’s $10000 Rotary Foundation giving goal, but I believe we will get there. 
  • December 29th  we will be dark.
  • Slate of Officers for the year 21 – 22 will be presented to club soon.  A vote will be called later in the month. 
Assistant Governor Marc Snow introduced us to Diane Ventura-Goodyear
DG Diane’s Rotary highlights include: presiding of the merger of two clubs; being part of a Global Team in Uganda, where she taught technology skills to women; transforming District 5500 to more sustainable technologies, involving moving trainings to online and setting up cloud-based infrastructures.  These have benefited the district, clubs, and individual Rotarians alike. 
Diane was a computer professor and is a long-time owner of her business, The Computer Nanny.  In addition to her career, Diane enjoys embroidery, yoga, and her family.  She has been married to Gordon for 35 years and raised 2 children, both now  young adults
District Governor Diane Ventura Goodyear began with acknowledging the radical changes that were thrust onto all of us by the pandemic.  She lamented that she was unable to follow through with her plans to spend significant time with “our brothers and sisters” outside the Tucson area.  Diane encouraged us to continue to be cautious with in-person meetings, but also highlighted some of the benefits that have come from these challenges.
  • The District was forced to move more quickly to put various trainings online.  This has proven beneficial, as there are more training attendees than ever before.
  • Zoom has given us a huge opportunity to expand our reach, even when we return to in-person meetings.
  • Zoom has opened us to unlimited Speakers.  Diane encouraged us to reach out to RI leadership for programs.
  • In the RI Learning Center, Toastmasters has designed 8 classes that are available to us at no cost.
  • We can outreach to Roteractors for membership, as they can now be official Rotary members. 
  • The District is learning how to provide virtual interactive trainings.  Both Rotary Learning Institute (RLI) and Rotary Youth Leadership Award (RYLA) will be held remotely.  Currently 102 students have been awarded RYLA.
DG Diane shared with us RI President Holger Knaack’s Goals for Districts worldwide:
  1. Do not focus on head count.  Create different types of clubs;  fellowship, e-clubs, satellite club (only need 8 members that become a subset of our club), common interest clubs.
  2. Select members carefully and Engage your Members. 
  3. Continue to Support Polio Eradication 
  4. Create Visioning and create Strategic Plans.  Have a long view.  ADG Marc is creating a visioning team that will be available to clubs. 
DG Diane further stressed with us the following:
  • Public Image.  Where Rotary pins and attire at any time, not only meeting times.
  • Contribute to the Rotary Foundation.  She recommended the use of Rotary Direct, a very easy way to donate online.
  • The formation of a Peace Builder Committee, in which our club is a member.  Peace and  Peace Pole will premiere at the district conference, which will be held June 4th and 5th in Tubac.
DG Diane left us with the following:
“Life is about using the whole box of crayons.”
Submitted by Mary Straus,