Rotary Club of Marana
Top Golf was the venue for January's 5th Tuesday social. Many may have stayed away, due to the fear of the cold. They had nothing to fear as the ceiling installed propane heaters not only kept the chill away they also  had us stripping off our jackets and sweaters and working on our tans.
John Zwick earns the "most people" award. Accompanying John was his wife, two daughters and a son-in-law. Tied for second was John and Cindy Dooling and Harold and Ellen Burtzloff. Trailing came Dan, Don, Randy and of course Tony.
When I say "nothing to fear" I was strictly referencing the cold. The "crowd" retreated a few steps whenever John, Randy, Don or Tony took a whack. Tony had a few shots that reminded this reporter as to why the netting to the right was so high. Let's just say Tony has the banana slice perfected. Tony was also the only "golfer" to whiff. John, me, hit a duck hook that made many respond in awe. The shots taken by Randy and Don were not memorable and that is a good thing. 
Of course there are always show offs. In this category Dan Contorno is firmly placed along with John Zwick's daughter, the one not named Joyce. Shame on me for not recalling her name at this time.
The food was much better than the golf and the beer was not bad either. Best of all was the company and I hope to see many more at our next event. Thank you Tony for planning it all.
See you tomorrow!