At our club's business meeting via Zoom, we discussed the highlights of our planning retreat. We also voted in support of contributing $2,000 to the Kilimanjaro Rotary Club's efforts to rebuild school restrooms wiped out by torrential rains.

Marana Rotary Club

July 26, 2022 weekly meeting minutes

Laura called the hybrid meeting to order at 7AM. Near-perfect attendance was noted by many.
Bob reminded the club that the speaker next week will feature a Special Olympics athlete.
Happy Bucks:
  • Cindy was grateful to Don for suggesting air tags for luggage as foreign exchange students were preparing to travel.
  • John commented on the attendance today, missing only Sulee, Mary and Lynne
  • Randy was grateful for the stormy relief in the desert recently
  • Cathy regretted missing the retreat and contributed towards “mediocre bucks” today
  • Don was happy to be ahead of schedule on his recovery from surgery and was looking forward to an upcoming European cruise.
  • Bob was happy to be moving on tomorrow, continuing his migration from Oklahoma to Virgina.
  • Richie was happily consumed by his 7 month old Henry for the past months
  • Beckie was happy to have spent the past two days with grand kids
  • Denise commented on how nice the retreat was.
  • Andy commented on his latest concern, the fight for water from the Colorado River basin.
  • Adam was grateful for the rains although they have caused some flooding nuisances
  • Dan was both happy and sad; sad because we were having yet another Zoom meeting and happy that he will soon be bringing two new members to the club. He also reported that the fishing is lousy this year….but that didn’t bother him too much.
  • Carol was happy that her flight went smoothly from Colorado to Arizona, even over the normally rough mountains. Lamented having an ear worm (Baby Shark) as a result of her two-year old great-nephew.
  • Harold thanked Peter for the new Roku which seems to be working beautifully
  • Peter, recovering from COVID, has spent three weeks in the Canary Islands and will soon be traveling to Zurich.
  • Laura was happy to have logged ½’ of rain and was grateful for the retreat’s success.
Laura led a discussion highlighting the results of the recent club retreat. The three words that characterize our club included such favorites as “warmth”, “caring”, “generous”, and “small but mighty”. Laura went on to say that, in her mind, the most important message she takes from the retreat is the club needs to maintain its impact, reinforce our continuity, and become more recognized for its supreme efforts and generosity for such a small, but impactful, club. How do we get more recognition for its international efforts such as Shelter Box, to name but one.
Laura continued highlighting her thoughts which included:
Planning ahead for the fifth Tuesday of the month social events. And suggested we consider:
August 30, scavenger hunt
November 29, dinner at Lil Abners
January 31, game night at the Doolings
May 30, TBD
Laura also offered some specific thoughts on certain club focuses:
International projects, Mary and Randy are deeply connected in this regard, would like to see more focus on sex and human trafficking, for example.
Local projects- would like to see more of a participatory effort on Felicia's Farms as opposed to just having tours and visits Peace Pole Garden, more focus and interaction with community
Continued involvement in the 4-way test essay contest and maintain our involvement in supporting families during the holidays.
Reconnecting with the Marana community taking advantage of events such as the Fall Festival, Holiday Lights, Founders Day and the 4th of July.
Laura suggested that we arrange some activities involving local breweries.
Tour de Tucson, future routes may not include Marana, should we maintain our involvement with an aid station? Comments indicated the club felt this was an important event for visibility and maybe we should reach out to participate with other clubs.
Tour de Cookie, lets fix a date and get started with planning and advertising.
Roles were discussed for each member focusing on their strengths and the needs of the club to flourish with positive impacts on our communities, local and internationally.
Action Item
Bob reminded the club of the request for funding in the amount of $12,000 for repairs of the sanitary facilities supported by the Kilimanjaro Rotary Club. A quick Board meeting was held followed by a resolution proposed for contributing $2,000 to the cause from Club’s Foundation. Both resolutions passed unanimously. Bob will write up the request and present more details at our next meeting