Rotary Club of Marana
President Hunter began the meeting by leading the members in The Pledge. He greeted visitors Charlie Benner (who is now one year old) and Diane Snedden a guest of Beckie Penman (I do not know their ages). No song as no one responded to Tony's request for submissions.
Tony acknowledged the presence of Rotarian's Dooling and Benner who have returned from Rotary's International Conference and the absence of Brooks and Jorgensen who attended the conference and who are now somewhere on the Danube.
Tony discussed Rotary PR mailings to newcomers in the area and how the PR will help Rotary in general and perhaps our club with membership inquiries. Tony then asked for District Governor wannabes to step forward as nominations are now being accepted. Also mentioned was the Saddlebrook Rotary Club's memorial to veterans and first responders project and the possibility of our club participating. Board meeting tomorrow at John's office where this and other matters to be discussed. All welcomed to attend.
Installation of Richie Benner as President as well as other officers to be held at the home of Mary Straus on June 26th starting at 6 pm. 
John and Richie spoke of their conference experiences. There is no better way to meet people from all over the world and develop friendships. The camaraderie among members is instantaneous and genuine. Richie and John have already signed up for next years conference in Hawaii.
Happy Bucks
Dan-Happy and is a world class fishing guide (if not fisherman) Ask him about fly fishing for Rooster fish in Sea of Cortez
Jeff-Happy coaching youth basketball
Richie-Charlie is a year old! 
Bob-Will someday download his knowledge of water projects, but until August will be out of state.
Harold-Wife Ellen has been released from hospital. Daughter Sue will be providing the necessary follow up medical care at her home until Ellen can return to her own home.
Beckie-Happy the resident scribe (me) has returned and potential member, Diane Snedden has accompanied her to today's meeting
Peter-Happy? Ashamed is a better word as Beckie has brought a potential member and Peter, a twenty year club member, has yet to do so. (Peter, I am right there with you. My only recruit left after two years, although Hank Marshall did build our club's storage cabinet before leaving for CA.)
Lynne Wins! Lynne Wins! Lynne Wins!
Maeve not here.
When you stomp on a grape it lets out a little w(h)ine.
Dad buying a carton of milk and clerk asks if he wants it in a bag. Dad responds, "No, just leave it in the carton."
Should have been here Maeve. You might of had a chance. 
Speaker today is Fernando Molina of Tucson Water. He spoke of the four sources of water in Tucson #1 Groundwater, #2 Colorado River 3# Recycled #4 Rainwater.
Tucson was aware of the overdraft from groundwater in the 1940's. We have been using recycled water since 1964 for landscaping and golf courses.
We are currently using only half of our effluent water with the remainder discharged into the Santa Cruz. Plans are afoot to re-purpose this affluent as has Disneyland and the City of New Orleans for everyday use.
The Colorado River water is being used to recharge our existing aquifer and the water level is growing. The water from the Colorado is determined by the water level in Lake Mead. California, AZ and Nevada use Colorado River water with Nevada's share dependent upon Lake Powell's water level. 
If a cutback occurs agriculture will be the first to experience the pain.
If you have not visited the Sweetwater Wetlands you are encouraged o do so.  The amount of wildlife is exceptional.
The vision of Tucson Water is to use reclaimed water to revitalize the Santa Cruz. The project is economically feasible, the water will remain in Tucson, recharge credits will be earned, riparian habitat will return and potentially this will boost economic development downtown.
Remember-No meting at Nana's next week
Tour at Diamond Childrens Hospital
Board meeting tomorrow at 5:30 pm John Dooling's office