Rotary Club of Marana
President Hunter rang in the meeting to a sparse, but musically gifted crowd. After the pledge Maeve, attending her final Rotary Club of Marana meeting as a member, requested we sing It's a Grand Old Flag. If one closed their eyes and had poor hearing you might have thought James Cagney had entered Nana's Kitchen. For you younger folks think Michael Jackson only different. Cagney was a song and dance man who appeared in over seventy films from the 1930's to the 1980's. But I digress.
We did have over 50% attendance, barely. Factors such as summer heat, European vacations, work, cancellation of Diamond Children's Hospital tour and the cancellation/un-cancellation of today's meeting all played a part in our poorest attendance of the year. We did have fun though!
 Maeve said her goodbyes. She was given the Rotary card of the President of the Champaign, IL Rotary Club's President by John. John happened to meet the Illinoisian Rotarian while attending the RI conference. Tony presented Maeve with flowers and thanked her for her excellent participation in all of our projects over the past nine years. Safe travels and God Speed. Come back to visit whenever you can.
Guest Tom Neidecker from Peteluma Valley rotary Club has visited us again today. Tom, a native of Basal, Switzerland, sold his Electronics company and now is an Art and Book Collector. He also has a home in Oro Valley. Possible new member?
Joke Off
Maeve-Lady gets off work and stops for drink. Handsome blonde guy sitting at bar next to her when TV news shows man on ledge. Handsome guy says, "Bet you $20 he does not jump." She takes him up on the offer and indeed he does jump and she wins. "I cannot take your money", she says, "I saw this earlier on the 5 o"clock news." The handsome blonde stranger says' " I did too." I just thought this time he would change his mind."
Lynne- The one celled organism called out to his friends as he left the meeting, "Adios amoebas.".
Again, no winner this week. Just kidding. We are all winners. We will miss this part of the meeting and a replacement must be found for Maeve, if that is even possible.
 Richie was our speaker and showed us 15 slides of his European Vacation before he got out of Chicago!!!!!!!!!! Seriously, his detailed revue of his time in Sweden and Germany does not rival Rick Steves, but it was informative and interesting. We learned All European Nations are in the Euro Zone (use the Euro as currency) and meat for breakfast is SOP in Germany. Also, I for one did not know you could get fried chicken at Micky D's in Europe. All in all Richie enjoyed his time at the RI Conference and we were by all indications well represented by our incoming President. Thank you, Richie.
See you next Tuesday and do not forget Richie's installation on Wednesday 6/26/2019 starting at 6 pm at the home of Mary Strauss.