Marana Rotary Club
March 22, 2022 weekly meeting
Mary reminded the group that this evening was the annual Peace Builders Clubs meeting.
Mary also announced that the installation of Anita McDonald as District Governor would occur on June 26 and that volunteers were being sought for the registration table and sergeant of arms..   Volunteers would serve from the evening of the 25th until about noon on the 26th.
Happy Bucks
Randy lamented the lose of women’s UA basketball team in the NCAA Tournament.
Bob reported a happy experience at the Sunlakes AZ aero-club where pilots gathered to share experiences
Cindy related some RI news: the Youth Exchange Committee was formed in 1999 and disbanded in 2019.  It is now being reinstated, giving the YE a seat at the RI table once again.
John mentioned that Hank Marshall, a long-ago member of the Marana Club, has passed away.  John was involved in the first Mars Rover where his name is included as a team member.  John would like to place a memorial plaque for Hank on our equipment locker.
Beckie has been checking on the Peace Garden as part of her commitment for March.  Randy also pays occasional visits and both report that Garden is clean.
Peter asked about the status of the bench; Mary responded that the order is still pending and likely won’t be received for a few more months.
Denise will monitor the Garden in April
Randy will be leaving on a journey starting in mid-May, returning mid-Sept; Mary will fill in for him if he is not able to lead any meetings.
Harold made a motion that $500 be donated to the Rotary Vocational Fund of AZ.  District 5500 has had the highest contribution record of the three AZ districts.  Mary recommended that the amount be increased to $1,000.  After discussion, Laura made the motion that the original motion be increased to $1,000 and the motion was carried unanimously.
Don mentioned that the RLI leadership training coursewas held last Saturday and that Carol, yet to be inducted, had attended!  Don also reminded the group of the shredding event on April 30th.  John said that he will supply an insurance certification for our use of the Harkins facility.
Beckie reminded the meeting that the social event will occur at the 390th museum and the group discussed logistics and meeting time.
Peter apologized for the problems during his presentation last week and said he was working on the AV issues for the fire district meeting room.
Bob asked for help in assembling future speakers.  Sulee volunteered to present her Missing in America topic the first week in April.  Several other ideas were discussed and Bob asked that contacts/suggestions be emailed to him.
Randy had wanted to take up a discussion today about the RI code of ethics and behavior; however, we had run out of time and would table the topic until a future meeting.
Peter remined that next week was dark.