May17, 2022
From Maria Altamirano    Boy am I so excited, the last few weeks have been pretty intense and demanding. Finished all my patients and clinical requirements last Wednesday and just finished my last two finals today. :) On top of the clinical and exams we just wrapped up our class community service event for May with a donation drive for Emerge here in Tucson. It was such an amazing thing to be able to help. Myself and faculty leaders, Ms Richards and Ms Smedley, really pushed for the month long drive with student and other faculty and we were able to donate everything from toothbrushes to suitcases.  I attached a picture of our class holding just a few items we were able to donate. Heading into June I'm getting ready for my student delegate meeting and catching up on some recorded townhall meetings and reading up on some bylaws we'll be voting on in June. I'm so excited to learn this process. I'll start studying for boards this summer and finishing a computer class requirement (not to mention watching my two boys). Hopefully I'll get to see you guys virtually soon.
DON – his wife is not feeling well.
DENISE- happy bucks – her cousin starting to talk after a horrific accident.
CAROL– going to Denver to visit niece on Monday to visit family.
RANDY– is in Pismo beach in CA, with Shirley and Dick Grace.
SULEE -had a good weekend in bullhead city.
BECKY– Internet was down .this morning – she is happy to have two beautiful granddaughters
JOHN- Happy they have a grandson graduating from Ironwood HS  - Carter Dooling and he was a grand champion swimmer.
CINDY-8year old grandson  Levi Dooling hit a grand slam in  baseball and she is happy to be able to get to watch her grandson helping to kids who were having some kind of disagreement and he told them they need to respect one another.
HAROLD– That the computer got hooked up.
Dan  - Just happy
ADAM-a lot going on in the financial world, he considers himself a financial therapist at this time.
KATHY – happy her kids are doing well; son graduated and had a visit with her mom.
LAURA- Happy
Randy this might be a good time to introduce the past District Governor PDG Diane Goodyear and her husband Gordon.   She said the district started out with 50 clubs and ended with 50 clubs.   She had some special awards for John Dooling #1 the Rotary  Citation (at the first of the year you must state your goals and you must end with those goals).  Polio plus award, 100% foundation giving (every Rotarian every year).     #1 Club in the district. Congratulations John for year well done.
Cindy, we have had an outreach from student from Marana  high school who would like to be an outbounds student next year 23-24 school year.   We need to be ready for the inbounds students who will be coming next year coming from Denmark, Spain, Belgium, and Holland.
Bob introduced the speaker
          Don Zavis National Sales Trainer at the Catalyst, Sales Trainer.
The need is greater than it has been in volunteer group and less people stepping up to the need.
Beneficial for the people – one or two things we might be struggling with what would they be?
Kathy one of the problems she sees is there are different areas to give need clarity where to give $, do we give to the club etc.   This is complicated for new members. 
He said he developed a program called the member code.  How do I help, how do I do it. The three things we have an opportunity to do is  Time, Talent & Treasures. 
Clubs are always talking about get new members – for every  we should all have a Rotary Pamphlet and every day and have a meaningful conversation with someone in our world.  If we do this every day, it will become a  habit it’s the easiest way to  be prepared.  If every day all 17 of us have a meaningful conversation we could increase our club size.  
Polio being its own group can you donate to it, can you get host homes for your exchanges students yes, but we like to reach out to our group.    What  I would like to expect
Member Code Road Map
#1-We need to  commit to remain engaged in the club.
#2-All member need to have an opportunity to be creative; expect that every month every member comes up with an Idea. Do we give people the ability to be creative?  
#3-Commit to using my fiscal resources
#4-Commit to brining one new person monthly, to become a member,  the member is a guideline.
#5-Commit to attend every event we have .
#6-Commit to involving yourself – do we have jpeg item we use to promote out weekly session
*it’s about what a wonderful organization, awards people have won... post on social media!
#7-Creat a leadership group everyone needs a leadership role, where they gravitate to.  We need to put the members in rolls that fit them.
Team 100 concept = $100 each month, 100 minutes of time and 100 minutes of our talent each month.
If you want a better club, be a better member, better spouse, if you want a better boss be a better father, child etc..   We need to look at the time/challenge/treasure
Also remember clubs are a  way to cure loneliness  for some people.