May 24, 2022
Marana Rotary Club
Meeting called to order Bob lead us in the Pledge of Allegiance.
Check in with everyone/Happy Bucks’
Kathy-full house with visitors and the last of the students from TUSD graduating.
Adam-Crazy month – going to CA next week 1st time at Disneyland.
Bob- not happy bucks- there dog is going to be put down today.
Don-feeling good today.  Brother-in-law died a week before, Don had prostate cancer surgery they got it all.  Because of that they nicked his colon he had some additional complications.
Mary-on the mend from her latest treatment.
Denise-going to Hawaii next month.  
Peter-Maui trip postponed tell September, he gave a talk to the Dove Mountain Rotary Club next Thursday.
Laura-Thankful and happy that we are close enough that we can share our issues with each other
Harold: Carpal Tunnel surgery this week, we will be thinking about you.
Cindy-They had a fabulous graduation for their grandson.  John is in Florida fishing.
Sulee-Good to go and info that Marvin Swank passed away.
Reminder next week’s meeting with be at Felicias Farms: 3761 E River Rd, Tucson, AZ 85718
Randy arrived last night at the cabin he drove down to a friend’s house to use his internet he is on his telephone – its 37 at his cabin in WA.
Laura – Lynn will remain as treasurer, Sulee will be the Secretary and she will talk to others about positions.
Mary – She sent out an invitation for Laura’s induction, please RSVP.  June 18, 2022, Saturday at 5pm @ Laura’s place.   Guests are welcome. 
Randy went over the Code of Conduct
  1. Act with integrity and high ethical standards in my personal and professional life
Discussion – after much discussion – the conclusion is that other than criminals we should respect all positions – any and all positions bring something to the club.  ie Kathy said like fast food workers – we don’t know how to run the fry machine, they work hard and should have our utmost respect.   Laura one thing we need to do is keep up with the ethics and integrity in our own positions.   Like Mary sometimes we must make discissions based on how well we can do a job.
  1. Deal fairly with others and treat them and their occupations with respect
We rely on every person that joins our club.  Laura said there is dignity in all work, and we need to approach people with open minds and hearts about their profession.
  1. Use my professional skills through Rotary to mentor young people, help those with special needs, and improve people’s quality of life in my community and in the world
Randy said do we all have occupations where we help young people.   Randy has helped people with diagnostic work to see if they have Alzheimer.  Yes, we do by being involved with the foreign exchange students.  Don said this is a lot of what we do with our service projects. 
  1. Avoid behavior that reflects adversely on Rotary or other Rotarians
We are in a tricky time for this one, we should not go to a gathering and get drunk, or we could behave in a way that is challenging.  The new mantra in Rotary is Diversity, Equity & Inclusion.   We should go to our fellow Rotarians one-on-one and talk to them about how we feel we were offended.  As Mary added she tried it and it didn’t go well and that may happen.  Cindy said there is an incident in baseball right now where there is a racist comment. So things change and we need to keep up with things and people that are affected need to work it out.  Laura said maybe we could get someone to present re how we can learn to discuss issues.   Becky added a positive opinion the Tour De Cookie is a great reflection of our club.
  1. Help maintain a harassment – free environment in Rotary meetings, events and activates; report any suspected harassment; and help ensure non-retaliation to those individuals that report harassment.   We didn’t get to five.