Rotary Club of Marana
At President Hunter’s request Bob led us in the Pledge. Bob brought several guests to today’s meeting.  Bob introduced his wife Linda, then his friends Rich and Gail Hopkinson.  They have participated with Rotary International Water Summit two years in a row and will again this year.  Mark Rebholz will be our speaker today.
Hunter began a discussion about nice it was to have so many members attend the MCAT graduation ceremony last week.  He talked about how nice the ceremony was and that Denise Coronado gave a lovely speech.  Our club was mentioned and it was nice to see our Students of Month complete their graduation process. Maeve mentioned how impressive it was to see the number of graduates identified as the first in their entire families to graduate from high school.  One graduate had dropped out of high school 3 times earlier.  Thanks to Dan was up on stage to represent our club.  MCAT stands for Marana Career and Technical.  It no longer a technical school but an alternative school that has kept the original name.  It was good to hear speeches from several of our students of the month.  President Hunter said it was a loud and lively event.
Several of our members are absent today attending the Rotary International Conference in Hamburg Germany.  The Doolings have already arrived and Mary was dropping Randy and Deb off at the airport.   John Jorgensen and Ritchie are also leaving for Germany.
Flowers for Maeve, however she has informed us the movers are scheduled for June 16th so she will be able to attend a few more times.
The meeting next week will be at the Hampton Inn near the Factory outlets off of Twin Peaks.  There is a private meeting room and we will be able to participate in the Breakfast Buffet.  Denise has lined up speaker from the Tucson Botanical Gardens.
Happy Bucks after Pancakes, sausage and eggs breakfast.
Dan - Happy for MCAT graduates and their accomplishments
Beckie - Happy for Tucson weather, no tornadoes, no snow
Peter - Busy week painting leaving for Chili to see the eclipse of the sun           
John - Heading up North so he will see us in the Fall
David - Thanks to John for help with pizza oven that got christened this week
Harold - Wife is doing better and should be going home soon
Bob - 4 guests
Laura - Memorial Day barbeques with family and friends
Denise - Happy for MCAT grads and sad that 15 year old dog died
Ritchie - 1st transatlantic flight heading to Germany & MCAT graduates
Rachel - MCAT graduates - poker night - nice to be alive
Joke Off Lynn - Arab fathers joke: They blow up so quickly
Maeve - Blonde admiring curtains that pay for themselves in a year. 
Bob - New pilot landing at night radios “Guess who?” Airport turns off lights and replies “Guess where?”
Raffle - Denise chose the 4 of hearts
Speaker - Bob introduced Mark Rebholz.
In 1919 John Alcock and Arthur Brown landed their Vickers Vimy biplane in a bog in Clifden, Ireland, marking the end of the first nonstop flight across the Alantic. On July 2, 2005, Steve Fossett and co-pilot Mark Rebholz recreated the first nonstop crossing in the open cockpit Vickers Vimy replica landing on the 8th fairway of the Connemara Golf Links. Presentation included brief recap of historical flights and details of what was done to recreate the original 1919 flight.
Meeting ended with a reminder to meet next week at the Hampton Inn