Rotary Club of Marana
Jeff P led us in the pledge. No singing, but I believe Lynne mentioned maybe "My Old Kentucky Home" next week and maybe Javier could provide mint juleps.
 Tony asked Maeve to share her plans with the members. She will be moving to Champaign, IL where she has a granddaughter. Maeve has been a very active member and our loss will be Rotary Club of Champaign's gain.
Rachel is back, soft cast and all. She went over the handlebars of her bike and considers herself lucky not to have a more serious problem.
Ninety Percent attendance. Way to Go!
Happy Bucks
John D-Gave away 200 hot dogs and 600 snow-cones at a St Elizabeth Ann Seton Church/School fundraiser Saturday night. Turns out That what he thought was an Allstate Insurance tablecloth he was using turned out to be a Marana Rotary one! Very busy evening and he did not discover his mistake until viewing Facebook photos next day. Oh well, free publicity for our club.
Jeff-Son graduating from 8th grade. Jeff will be gone for a couple of weeks
Dan-Daughter is graduating from high school. Miracle of miracles!
Tony-Happy (probably because he got to eat breakfast today)
John Z-A baby girl was born into his family making John a great,great grandfather. Yep, five generations! Congratulations!
Harold-Ellen is out of the hospital and in a convalescence center. She continues to improve.
Becki-Granddaughter's birthday
Denise-Son is graduating from UA!
Mary-Thanks, Maeve
Don-Thanks, Maeve. Headed to NYC for birth of a grandchild. Shelter Box raised $7,000 from bowling party last Saturday.
Laura-Cooler weather (for now)
Randy-Sad Maeve is going
Rachael-Happy about being ALIVE!
Joke Off
Lynne- A good one about $500 doctor office visits and $1,000 back if not satisfied.
Maeve-Mickey Mouse is not the equivalent of Donald duck if you are in the Secret Service. 
Becki won and lost with Ace of Diamonds.
President Elect Richie Benner took over the meeting from President Hunter (allowing Tony to eat at a leisurely pace) and the rest of the time was spent in planning and goal setting for 2019/2020 Rotary year.
Membership was good this current year. We added four new members and lost only one. Goal for coming year is a net gain of three. I believe Randy will remain membership chair?
Fund Raising was best in several years thanks to Dan Contorno and numerous volunteers. Tour de Cookie netted almost nine thousand and Poker tournaments earned another $1,500 or so.
Speaker Program has been excellent with Denise West efforts combined with members suggestions. I believe Denise will continue with this position.
Community Service-Rachel Cheeseman has volunteered to head up this committee and some ideas are in the works involving MUSD.
Interact Club at Tortolita had maybe its best year ever in quality and quantity of students involved. Thank you Kathleen Neighbors.Graduation will be 5/22 at 8am.
MCAT program will continue as a Club favorite. It was mentioned that graduation is 5/23 and those me,mbers planning on attending the 7 pm event will gather at Nana's for dinner prior to the ceremony.
Goals for 2019/2020 include:
Calendar of Events
10 Community Service Projects
a District Grant Project (online training is available with Mary and Randy having completed training and Peter and a few other planning to do so.)
Global grant
Enhanced website of all projects
Hours of service tracking
Mary will remain our Foundation Chair/Rep and our goal will be $10,000. Should be easy as we have several Paul Harris Fellows (have given $1,000 total) and several Paul Harris Society Members who pledge $1,000 annually. We also collect as part of our dues $100 a year for the Every Rotarian Every Year program.
John D is President Elect and Secretary. Willing to do both, but maybe a problem with wearing two hats at Board meetings and quorum problems if he misses a meeting. More discussion on this topic needed.
Lynne, God Bless her pea pickin heart, will continue on as Treasurer.
Good job, Richie.
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