Rotary Club of Marana
Was it the presence of our first MCAT Student of the Month of the new school year? Or, the inspiring reminder of Rotary’s foundational connection to peace building across the globe? Conceivably, it was because 9-10-19 is a “palindrome” day. The confluence of all three buoyed our spirits and made for an uplifting breakfast meeting.
After announcements, fellowship, and “happy bucks”, Principal Denise Coronado from MCAT introduced us to Student of the Month Alexas Rowe, who was joined by her Grandpa Bob and Grandma Linda. Ms. Coronado explained that Alexas had fallen into the wrong crowd at MHS, but found her path at MCAT where she is on course to graduate next May. Support from her grandparents and her stepmom Sharie has made a big difference in Alexas’s turnaround as well.
Mr. Oliver Bowen, a social studies/government/history teacher at MCAT, said Alexas positively exemplifies three “As” – attendance, academics, and attitude. “She was frustrated with the pace of classes, but empowered herself to learn,” he said. Mr. Rowe added that Alexas has matured into an independent learner and is individually driven. “She’s learned how to ask.”
Alexas, after thanking the club for the award and opportunity, said she’s interested in nursing or forensic science as possible careers after graduation.
Rotarian Chris Johnson then spoke to us about Rotary’s peace building history and in action. He reminded us about Rotary’s long-standing commitment to peace building, which dates back to 1921, and the 1940s when 49 Rotarians participated in the drafting of the United Nations’ Universal Declaration of Human Rights.
The Rotary Foundation awards up to 100 fully funded Rotary Peace fellowships for either the Master’s Degree program or the Professional development certificate program at Rotary Peace Centers. The purpose? Peace building. Conflict resolution. Mediation. Bridging cultures. Chris said there are not enough applicants from the U.S. The Master’s Degree program is offered at Duke University and UNC-Chapel Hill in North Carolina. The Certificate program, which takes three to six months to complete, requires 10 years of professional experience. Chris then encouraged us to nominate candidates.
“We make peace happen,” Chris concluded. Want to learn more? Here’s the link to Rotary’s Peace Fellowships: .
After these inspiring stories, we adjourned.
-- Submitted by Laura Clymer, secretary